Speed Rackers / Single Footers

Obwohl ich meine persönlichen Traumpferd mit den Rocky Mountain Horses gefunden habe, habe ich immer noch eine große Wertschätzung für ein athletischeres, reaktions­freudigeres Pferd mit viel Geschwindigkeit im Tölt. Vorzugsweise gescheckt! Es erinnert mich an den Spaß, den ich mit meinen Islandpferden und ihrem Renntölt hatte. Der Adrenalinstoß, den man in voller Geschwindigkeit erlebt, kaum den Boden berührend, ist absolut berauschend.

Das Rocky Mountain Horse ist der ideale Trail-Partner für die Familie und wenn Sie ein gelassenes, leichtrittiges Pferd bevorzugen, ist der Rocky das ideale Pferd für Sie. Für mehr in Richtung Sport orientierte Reiter könnte das ruhige Wesen der Rockies aber auch ein bisschen langweilig erscheinen. Für diejenigen Reiter, welche etwas mehr Nervenkitzel suchen, züchten wir einige Speedy Babys pro Jahr!

Unsere Racking Horses:

Pied Piper’s Adrenaline

SHOBA, Speed Racker
Born 2005 USA
Sire: Pied Piper
Color: bay tobiano

It was pure luck that we were able to purchase a quality speed racking mare with several World Grand Champion titles to her name.. she is one of the fastest spotted horses in the show scene, beating a world class stallion like Speck’s Dangerous Copy who beat Falcon’s Blue Ribbon! She has been clocked at 26 mph.. Her talent and athleticism are hard to find.

Her titles include:
– 2014 and 2016 World Grand Champion Spotted Speed Racking SSHBEA
Reserve Champion Spring Celebration

Very happy too that she was bred and checked in foal to the 2015 National 3 & 4 yo Champion, SHOBA “Who’s Spotted Now?”

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Snoopy’s Angel

Spotted Saddle Horse, Racking Horse registry pending
Born 2015 Tennessee, USA
Sire: Bojangles Jr. Snoopy
Dam: Chip’s Grand Lady
Color: bay tobiano

Sweety, as we call her, is a stunningly pretty and affectionate filly. We will start her under saddle this summer, and can’t wait to see how she does. Should be a fast one!

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Rowdy’s Cool Shea

Speed Racking filly
Born in 2016 USA
Sire: Rowdy Rawhide’s Wiley (Speed Racking World Champion)
Dam: Diva Shea (by Cool Hand Luke)
Color: bay tobiano

This one was bred by Bobby and Jacob Parks and should make an excellent horse, her paternal brother being the legendary Falcons Blue Ribbon! She has several siblings in Israel that are extremely fast!

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Speck of Frost

Racking Horse RHBAA
Born in 2017, USA
Sire: Speck’s Haley (by Speck)
Dam: Flash’s First Lady (by 5x Speed Racking WGC Choice’s Flashy Cut)
Color: chestnut roan sabino

One fine Speed Racking filly with world class bloodlines.. she should have the potential to be extremely fast and still easy to ride. Granddad Speck was a 15 time Speed Racking World Champion. Daddy was clocked at 28mph and her mother at 24mph!

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CD’s Catch me if you can

Born in 2005 Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA, Racking Horse
Sire: Choco Dock (RMHA International Grand Champion Under Saddle 1993+ 2000 and Conformation 1997, Sam Tuttle Memorial Award 1997)
Dam: Mays Gypsy
Full Pedigree
Color: classic champagne
14.3h (1.49m)

A small mare with a big heart, fearless and sweet, took care of kids on her back. A beautiful animated high-stepping gait always with a clear 4 beat. Typical for offspring of the great Choco Dock (one of the most legendary stallions in the breed!) is their presence and lovely head-set. She is impressive!

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