Speed Rackers / Single Footers

Although I have found my personal dream horse in the Rocky Mountain Horse breed, I still have great appreciation for a more athletic, reactive horse with speed in gait.. preferably spotted! It reminds me of the fun I had with my Icelandic horses and their “Renntölt”. The rush of adrenaline one experiences at full speed, barely touching the ground, practically airborne, is exhilarating.

The Rocky Mountain Horse is the ideal trail partner for the family and if you like a laid back, tractable mount, the Rocky is the ideal horse for you. A more sport orientated rider might find their easy-going chilled disposition a bit boring.. For those thrill-seekers we breed a few Speedy babies a year!

Our Racking horses:

Racking Horse RHBAA
Born in 2017 in the USA
chestnut roan sabino
Certified RMHA, Racking Horse
Born in 2005 in Kentucky, USA
classic champagne