About Our Facility

The Location

The property ‘Hof Hählgans’ is situated in the center of Germany, in a mountain range similar to the Appalachians, at an altitude of 360 m above sea level, conveniently close to the major highways A7, A5 and A4.

Despite the proximity of the autobahn, our valley surrounded by dense woods is a refuge for many feral animals. The horses enjoy the tranquil, secluded setting essential for breeding and foaling.

The estate features 40 hectars (120 acres) of pastures directly accessible to the house and barns, and 30 hectars 1 km from home which are available for the youngster herds and ecological hay production.

The House

Our home is a 650 year old manor house in “fachwerk-style” (truss construction), typical for the Hessian region. It was originally built as farm to supply the monastery of the Bad Hersfelder Stift with agricultural products.We restored many original details such as the facade and the house is currently listed as a historical monument of cultural value.

The Barns

Keeping our horses happy means choosing a housing style that meets their needs as a herd animal and roamer perfectly.. We can profit from many years of keeping horses.

We have accomodated them in quite unique family groups, consisting of a stallion, his mares, and the foals.There are also herds with fillies and colts, carefully raised by older experienced horses. They can roam about 50 hectars (150 acres) of natural terrain with slopes, shrubs, creeks and woodland.

They also have access to run-in sheds with heated water in winter,  Höveler equine mineral-vitamine mix and 24-hour availibity of home-made quality hay, produced from own 25 hectars ecologically farmed grassland. The pastures are fenced in with posts and rails of hardwood and electrical fencing, guaranteeing security and safety for the horses and their environment.

The Training Facility

We take pride in our small but exclusive training facility, including a 20m roundpen (soon to be covered), a small oval track and an Extreme Trail Garden. This garden boasts a creek made to wade through, a bridge, a Texas 2-step, a see-saw, balancing beam and many more challenging obstacles.  We specialize in great trail horses so this facility enables us to prepare the horses for their future optimally .