Rocky Mountain horses and Spotted Saddle /Mountain Horses for sale at Hof Hählgans, Germany

Rocky Mountain horses for sale at Hof Hählgans, Germany.

We try to offer horses of all ages. Please don’t hesitate to ask about horses that may not be on the list. And don’t forget to check our Foal Page!

Price Categories:

Cat A 4.500 – 7.500 EUR
Cat B 7.500 – 10.000 EUR
Cat C 10.000 – 12.500 EUR
Cat D 12.500 – 15.000 EUR
Cat E 15.000 – 17.500 EUR
Cat F 17.500 EUR and more

Cinnamon Sugar

Born: born 2016 in Kentucky, USA

Gender: Mare

Color: red chocolate (homozygous)

Price Category: E (15.000 - 17.500 EUR)

MVM Xanadu


Born: April 22nd 2022

Gender: Stallion

Color: smoky grullo

MVM Xpresso

RMHA eligible

Born: born June 14th 2022

Gender: Stallion

Color: chocolate

RHF Bella Gloriana

RMHA registered and certified

Born: Born in 2013 in Kentucky USA

Gender: Mare

Color: chocolate

Price Category: F (17.500 EUR and more)