Rocky Mountain Horse Mares

RRF’s Bedazzled

Born in 2005, Kentucky, USA, certified RMHA
Sire: Nick
Dam: Smith’s Tootsie Roe
Full Pedigree
15h (1.51m)
Color: black

Bedazzled is a very special mare, she probably is the last mare I’d ever sell. She’ll give you a loose rein, country shuffle gait but also a fire-spitting dragon park performance! I just love those Nick horses!
Bedazzled was very successful in Show Pleasure classes in Kentucky, but also at the German Gaited Championships (IDMG) where she was leading in the preliminary rounds of the open gait class, and won the ERMHC Show pleasure Gait class.

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RRF’s Eye Candy

Born in 2005 Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA
Sire: Pence’s Blue boy
Dam: I’m misty blue by Dock’s Rocky
Full Pedigree
Color: chocolate (one silver gene)
15h (1.52m)

Eye Candy is a high-stepping mare and was successful as a park style show horse. There is something about the Pence’s Blue Boy offspring that make them stand out in the show ring.. they have pizzazz and style, and are among the “hottest” Rockies around. We are glad to own two of his daughters. Half sister to Miss Indiana.

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Stardust’s Midnight Matinee

Born in 2005 Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA
Sire: Jakes Mirror
Dam: Stardust’s Color Scheme by Venture’s Black Majic
Full Pedigree
Color: black
15.1h (1.54m)

Mattie is one of the prettiest horses I have ever seen.. she was a multi conformation champion. She has a very quiet and unassuming demeanor, and nothing really rocks her. She is a very typical Rocky Mountain horse, and takes care of children and other riders on her back. She has already given us some gorgeous babies, all ever so friendly! Her winnings include:
– 2008 2 and 3 year old World conformation champion
– 2008 2 and 3 year old Trail Pleasure champion under saddle
– 2005 RMHA  Weanling Conformation Champion

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McGuire’s Fudge

Born in 2010 Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA
Sire: McGuire’s Ghost
Dam: McGuire’s Kentucky Salem by Kentucky Blue
Full Pedigree
Color: silver smoky cream (2 silver, 2 cream genes)
14.3h (1.48m)

Fudge is the total unicorn horse with her big blue eyes and long flowing white mane.. she is sweet as they come, very people-loving and affectionate. She has a lovely natural smooth gait and is the full sister to the popular Champion stallion GHS’s Phantom. She is a definite asset with her color genetics too!

Video of Fudge

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Keith’s Summer Spice

Born in 2007 Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA
Sire: JD’s Sambo
Dam: Butterscotch Parfay by Sir Jonathan
Full Pedigree
Color: amber champagne (1 champagne, 1 agouti gene)
14.3h  (1.49m)

Spicy is also a favorite.. so happy to have her in the string of broodmares. Another daughter of the great JD’s Sambo, known amongst insiders as one of the best producers of impeccable gait. Her conformation is old time: round forms and stocky! Half sister to Laura’s Touch Of Gold.

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A Sassy Lassie

Born in 2005 Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA
Sire: Sundown Cowboy
Dam: Kassie Dawn by Copper’s Pride
Full Pedigree
Color: apricot dun (2 red, 1 dun gene)
15.1h (1.55m)

Lassie is another one of those extremely friendly and quiet mares. She isn’t pushy but just very affectionate. Big stocky conformation, and has produced some very nice babies in Kentucky previously. Hope she will pass on her friendliness and dun gene.

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Born in 2007 Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA
Sire: R Rangers Dream Maker
Dam: Fairwinds Strawberry Mousse by Black Bart
Full Pedigree
Color: buckskin (one agouti, one cream gene)
15.1h (1.55m)

Snippy is a total people-lover.. as soon as she spots someone, she comes over immediately and wants to be petted and scratched. She has so much presence, I could have sold her several times just standing there in the field. She’s been a good producer and I hope to get some wonderful babies from her.

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CD’s Catch me if you can

Born in 2005 Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA, Racking Horse
Sire: Choco Dock (RMHA International Grand Champion Under Saddle 1993+ 2000 and Conformation 1997, Sam Tuttle Memorial Award 1997)
Dam: Mays Gypsy
Full Pedigree
Color: classic champagne
14.3h (1.49m)

A small mare with a big heart, fearless and sweet, took care of kids on her back. A beautiful animated high-stepping gait always with a clear 4 beat. Typical for offspring of the great Choco Dock (one of the most legendary stallions in the breed!) is their presence and lovely head-set. She is impressive!

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Hershey’s Bit-O-Honey

Born in 2006 Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA
Sire:  Ole Time Hershey Boy
Dam: Precious Nut and Honey by Johnson’s Toby
Full Pedigree
Color: chocolate (1 silver gene)
14.3 (1.49m)

Bitsy won the prestigious Rea Swan award at the Nationals in 2009, at just 3 years of age. This is a remarkable accomplishment, as this award is given to just one horse a year.. it reflects the versatility of the horse. In 2007 she was the RMHA International Champion Yearling. She was also seen in 2010 in the World Equestrian Games in the Rocky Mountain Horse Drill Team as part of the breed demo. We feel very honored that this mare is part of the string of brood mares! Thanks to Prince Albert Stables for the photos.

 Video of Bitsy (courtesy of Prince Albert Stables)

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Nick’s Nicole

Born in 2001 in Kentiucky, USA, RMHA registered and certified
Color: chocolate dark mane and tail
Full Pedigree
Sire: Nick by Clemon’s Tim
Dam: Little Nicky by Sonny
Height 15.1h

This mare has quite a reputation in Kentucky and when I found her, I knew she would fit in perfectly with her Nick bloodlines, being my favorite! She is a half sister to RRF’s Bedazzled and Deja Vu. Nicole was the Reserve National Park Champion in her days and won many other titles in the show ring with her style and exuberance. She is such a lady too.. blessed to have this rare find!

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Shez Fit To Be Tied

Born in 2001 in Kentucky, USA, RMHA registered and certified
Color: homozygous silver
Full pedigree
Sire: Choco Dock, the one and only!!
Dam: Savannah Sunrise by Jock
Height: 15.1h

Another royal lady.. the bloodlines, prized offspring, the show titles (Champion Park Horse), and sister to World Champions (Snow on the Mountains), Shez Fit To Be Tied has it all! Big boned, and stocky built mare, she will hopefully continue to produce wonderful offspring for us. Half sister to CD’s Catch Me If You Can.

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Stillwater’s Mountain Girl

Born in 2009 in Kentucky, USA, Certified RMHA
Color: black
Sire: Hershey’s Eaze by Nuncio
Dam: Stillwater Star by Billy Graham
Full Pedigree

Mountain Girl is the full sister to RMHA National Champion stallion Stillwaters Lord Harry … she is absolutely beautiful! Superb conformation and  striking jet black coat. She has the smoothest gait I have ever ridden on a Rocky!

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Alliance’s Elegance n Grace

Born in 2012 Florida,USA, Certified RMHA
Sire: JD’s Sambo
Dam: Spanish Lights by Spanish Sundown
Full Pedigree
Color: grulla (1 dun gene, no silver)
14.3h (1.48m)

Grace has a highly sought after color and bloodlines to match. JD’s Sambo is according to some, one of the best gaited horses and producers in the RMH breed. We feel very blessed to have 2 of his offspring (see Keith’s Summer Spice) in our string of broodmares. Full sister to champion stallion Gone n Dun It.h

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Purdue’s Not So Innocent

RMHA registered and certified
Born in 2011 in Kentucky, USA
Sire: Autumn Hawk
Dam: Purdue’s Innocent
Color: silver dapple
Full Pedigree

Not So Innocent is one of my most successful mares in the showring! These are some of her winnings with her breeder Keith Purdue:
– 2015 UMH Kentucky State 1st place 4yo Classic Pleasure
– 2015 Kentucky State Classic Pleasure Grand Champion
– 2015 KMSHA International 1st place 4yo Open Classic Pleasure
– 2015 KMSHA International 1st place 4yo Classic Pleasure Championship
– 2014 KMSHA International 1st place 3yo Classic Pleasure
– 2014 KMSHA International 1st place 3yo Open Classic Pleasure Championship
– 2014 KMSHA International Reserve Classic Pleasure Grand Champion

Courtesy pictures: Keith and Gina Purdue

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LL’s Jackie, Oh My

RMHA certified to breed
Born in 2013 Kentucky, USA
Sire: LH’s Goin’ to Jaxon
Dam: Stone’s Lucky Lady by Billy Graham
Full Pedigree
Color: chocolate

This gem was selected based on her terrific bloodlines.. Lucky Lady is probably one of the most successful brood mares of the past decade having produced a row of show winners as Hit the big time, FVF’s Jeremiah Johnson, LHV Spartacus and LL’s Elegant Emily. Her breeders, Maria and Dick Edwards sure know what they are doing.. Awesome under saddle!

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Spanish Lights

RMH registered and certified
Born in 2004, Kentucky USA
Sire:Spanish Sundown (a direct son of Kilbert’s Chocolate Sundown)
Dam: Hope Springs Belen (a direct Maples Squirrel daughter)
Color: smoky grulla
Full Pedigree

This is a truly special little mare.. she has given birth to some awesome horses like the Champion stallion Gone n Dun It (Gunnar).. she has bloodlines to die for and I am very happy to have her in my herd.

Confirmed in foal to Risky Business for 2018

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Dreamcatcher’s Best Kept Secret

RMH registered and certified
Born in 2014 Kentucky, USA
Sire: Covenant
Dam: Dreamcatchers Cheyenne
Color:homozygous silver grulla
Full Pedigree

Secret is one of the few dun gene carrying mares in the RMHA, that is not related to Spansih Sundown.. this makes her a great cross with other dun stallions like our FHR Lite My Fire.

Currently in foal for a May baby by CF’s Zorro!

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Diamond’s Go Go Girl

RMH registered and certified
Born in 2011, Kentucky USA
Sire: Diamond Doc
Dam: SDS Deja Blue
Color: blue roan
Full Pedigree

Video from Kentucky

This daughter of National Champion Diamond Doc is a great broodmare and riding horse.. she is easy-going and sweet as they come. Nice lift!

She came to us in foal to homozygous roan stallion Bulletproof and delivered a stunning blue roan colt on March 3rd 2018.

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