Future Rocky Mountain Horse and Speed Racking breeding stock

BBS Rose of Cimarron

Registered RMHA
Born in November 2015 in Texas, USA
Sire: Tigre de Tejas
Dam: Squirrel’s Milagro (a direct daughter of Maple’s Squirrel)
Color: red dun roan
Full Pedigree

Beautiful, tall and stocky built filly, acquired as a future brood mare. She has it all: gait, conformation, color and old bloodlines!

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MVM Rumor Has It

RMHA registered
Born May 2016 in Germany
Sire: MX Gabriel
Dam: A Sassy Lassie
Color: silver bay champagne dun filly (rumor has it she might be the first filly with this color within the breed..)
Full Pedigree

Beautiful inside and out, we will keep her in remembrance of MX Gabriel.

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MVM Summer Breeze

RMH registered
Born in 2017, Germany
Sire: GHS Held For Ransom
Dam: Keith’s Summer Spice
Color: amber champagne
Full Pedigree

An eye-catching beautifully colored filly, with the athletic potential of her sire, who lives in Denmark currently.

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MVM Sunshine

RMH registered
Born in 2017 Germany
Sire: MX Wrangler
Dam: A Sassy Lassie
Color: dunalino (palomino with dun gene)
Full Pedigree

Tall, beautiful face.. super conformation.. and sunny inside and out. Keeping her as a future broodmare.

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